Monday, 5 August 2013

Get Your Feet Summer Ready

Working all of the time mixed with the typical british winter means our feet often get neglected, so when May approached and we started to get some nice weather the first thing I did was panic about putting sandals on.  This is because in the winter I'm really naughty and often leave my feet snug in warm socks or slippers and don't apply any cream.  So by spring time there often in need of a bit love and attention.  These are the products what I already had in my draws which have really helped me.  Obviously you don't have to run out and buy these identical products but if you have similar products I am sure they will help too...

It's quite funny that I'm writing a post about feet as I actually dislike feet and squirm a bit talking about them ha! Anyways... The PedOrb I think I bought it last year out of Avon (obviously a cheaper version then the PedEgg in Boots) which removes any hard/dead skin of my heels (I know Eww! but I bet we all have some off working hard).  Then I've been applying either the Soap & Glory's heel genius or the Scholl cracked heel repair cream after every bath or shower once feet are dry and just massaging it in.  I love the Heel genius as it has a lovely sort of minty smell and a little goes a long way.  The Scholl heel cream I think I picked up in boots last year on a 3 for 2 deal, the consistency of this cream is a lot thicker compared to Soap and Glory's so it really feels like it's working and soaking deep into the skin layers.

Then I've been applying this Nip and Fab Dry leg fix which I actually got free in one of the magazines last month.  I had never tried the Nip and Fab line but had wanted to for quite some time, and can say this dry leg fix works on my legs a treat after shaving and makes them nice and soft and a bit less itchy after shaving.  Then I have been applying a little cuticle nail oil and massaging this into the feet cuticles to hopefully stimulate growth! And lastly applying my favourite summer nail colour - Barry M's Peach Melba.

Let me know what keep your feet happy during the summer


  1. You've inspired me to no longer neglect my feet! I might try S&G Heel Genius :)

    Nakita x

    1. Yeah there hand cream is good too :) xx

  2. Great post, Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx


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