Saturday, 31 August 2013

Beauty: My New Favourite Foundation Brush

I was on the hunt for a good foundation brush as the normal foundation brushes that are flat and oval shaped seemed to be leaving what can only be described as 'lines' on my face when applying my foundation as though it wasn't blending in properly and leaving sort of streaky lines.  Obviously I wasn't happy about that so I started looking at MAC aren't they expensive?! All there foundation brushes were sort of that shape too and even though I knew they would be better quality I knew I was still after something else. I already owned the Real Techniques stippling brush (I use this one to literally buff cream blusher into my cheekbones on top of bronzer, the stippling motion helps to not disturb the bronzer that's been applied) which was my first RT purchase so I started looking at videos of the expert face brush.

I purchased this one and so glad I did because I'm so happy with it.  According to Samantha Chapman (Founder of Real Technique Brushes) this Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is designed for a more medium to full coverage application, where as the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (which is a great favourite of bloggers) should be used more to apply BB Creams and Tinted Moisturisers. However they are both multi purpose brushes.

I find I can use a great circular motion and you definitely don't need a lot of foundation as a little goes a long way with this brush. Once blended in my foundation looks smooth, lasts well and looks flawless.  I couldn't be without this brush now, I liked it so much I went and bought another!


  1. Its on my list once I go to Ulta. I can't belive how affordable these brushes are!

  2. I recently got the full core collection for my friend and they look amazing so i think i will have to build up my collection.I think this will have to be the first one i get as i find it hard to get a good foundation brush.

    emily xx

  3. Yeah I would definitely recommend this to be your first one! I'm wanting to buy the collections too-especially the new white syntho & the eye one as I always apply eye makeu with hands lol xx

  4. I'm never normally a brush girl! If its liquid foundation or even eye shadow i always find myself using my finger! May have to invest though as i've heard good things

    1. Yeah 6 months ago I was using my hands for liquid foundation & I still use hands for eyeshadows but going to get the eye collection brushes as they look good too xx

  5. I've always heard such good things about this brush :) I've only recently got in to buffing my foundation in and really have found it makes such a difference. Great review!

    Claire from Stylingo xx

  6. This brush looks so fluffy! And it looks like quite a densely packed brush too which is always good.


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