Saturday, 31 August 2013

Beauty: My New Favourite Foundation Brush

I was on the hunt for a good foundation brush as the normal foundation brushes that are flat and oval shaped seemed to be leaving what can only be described as 'lines' on my face when applying my foundation as though it wasn't blending in properly and leaving sort of streaky lines.  Obviously I wasn't happy about that so I started looking at MAC aren't they expensive?! All there foundation brushes were sort of that shape too and even though I knew they would be better quality I knew I was still after something else. I already owned the Real Techniques stippling brush (I use this one to literally buff cream blusher into my cheekbones on top of bronzer, the stippling motion helps to not disturb the bronzer that's been applied) which was my first RT purchase so I started looking at videos of the expert face brush.

I purchased this one and so glad I did because I'm so happy with it.  According to Samantha Chapman (Founder of Real Technique Brushes) this Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is designed for a more medium to full coverage application, where as the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (which is a great favourite of bloggers) should be used more to apply BB Creams and Tinted Moisturisers. However they are both multi purpose brushes.

I find I can use a great circular motion and you definitely don't need a lot of foundation as a little goes a long way with this brush. Once blended in my foundation looks smooth, lasts well and looks flawless.  I couldn't be without this brush now, I liked it so much I went and bought another!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Skincare: Loreal Skin Perfection Purifying Micellar Solution // A Bioderma dupe?

Before I started blogging back in April I had never really heard of Micellar solutions, but I'm pretty sure everybody in the blogging world knows about the beloved Bioderma or Caudalie which are pretty much holy grail favourites among beauty lovers. I was recently out shopping in Boots buying a massive haul when I spotted this in the skincare section.  Quite a few of my posts recently has been about skincare because over the past month I'm slowly but surely trying to build up a good solid skincare routine to suit my skin type as it is in a bit of a mess at the moment.  It's a mixture between dehydrated, oily in places, and I have either sore spots in some areas and in other areas small pimples under my skin, and some acne scarring. So yep its pretty horrendous!
The micellar solution is known basically to cleanse deep into the skin layers to draw out any makeup and dirt to give a thorough cleanse.  I have fairly sensitive skin which sometimes reacts to new products, but this left my skin feeling very fresh, soft and clean and brought no irritation or discomfort to it. I was a little dubious with this one being an oil based product, I worried it would leave my skin feeling very wet and oily. I had nothing to worry about though as I loved how quick and easy this removed my makeup, and how refreshing it felt on my skin.

One thing that surprised me using this cleansing solution was that I didn't actually realise until now just how much make-up I was still leaving on my skin after cleansing with other products.  I noticed this because the first few times testing this out I wanted to review it properly so even though after using only one cotton pad to remove the makeup, the pad wasn't full and my face felt thoroughly cleansed, but I thought I would use a second cotton pad just to see how good it had been and the second pad was half covered with makeup.  So then it got me thinking, when I've been cleansing previously and my skin has felt clean I was probably leaving my face with lots of makeup and dirt on still.
Overall, I am in love with this cleanser. It's my new go-to skincare product and I will definitely be re-purchasing when this one is finished with. This is a great quick method of removing makeup and sometimes have been using this first then going to the bathroom and using my cleansing gels.  And other times if I'm a bit lazy and tired I have been using this then my Avene spray afterwards and still getting a thorough cleanse.  This was actually meant to only be £4.99 in Boots but when I was shopping it was reduced to something crazy around £2.30 so I picked up two bottles, but even the £4.99 is so cheap for the quality.

I would 100% recommend you give this a try to effectively remove dirt and grime from your face. And even though I've never tried Bioderma or Caudalie, I could probably guess right in thinking it wouldn't be too un-similar to those. I think the amount of product you get with this for the price is great too.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Skincare: Origins // Super Spot Remover

I have something to confess....I was a Origins virgin until I bought this little beauty last week, and can now see why Origins is such a loved skincare brand.  Lately my skin has been quite troublesome and playing up, not only with spots showing on the surface but very deep red in colour and so I decided I needed something to calm them down quite quick.

To be honest before blogging I had never heard of this brand but soon discovered it was a firm favourite, the most being the Ginzing moisturiser and the Drink Up Intensive Mask. I did my research and was pleased to find out this super spot remover was highly rated and that the product was made without parabens, colour or fragrance as my skin is quite dry at the moment so it was important to me I didn't irritate it any more.
I've been using this for a week now and have noticed quite an improvement already.  It can be a bit drying but I just make sure to moisturise deeply after use.  The thing I like most about this is it reduces the spot size quite rapidly and really takes the redness away remarkably well. My initial thought when it arrived in the post was just how tiny the bottle was at £13 but I have seen on the website reviews that this is the initial reaction of many others and it does in fact last quite long. 

You can apply this up to three times a day to the affected areas which I have been applying twice per day in my skincare routine, morning and night.  I wouldn't apply this before makeup as it will just make your skin dry and don't think it would look too nice applied over.  I ordered this on a Saturday and it had arrived by Tuesday morning and it was free delivery so I was impressed! As well as free delivery I also got to order 2 free samples, so I chose the Gin zing eye cream because I have been eyeing this up a while now, and the skin tone brightening serum.
What other Origins products would you recommend I should try?

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fashion: Date Night at Cinema

Hi beauties, I wanted to show you the recent outfit I wore for when me and the fiancé went to the pictures as I went for natural makeup and comfortable/dressed up a bit.  We weren't going out drinking afterwards just for something to eat so I didn't want to get too dressed up, and it was a lovely summer night. We hardly ever get the chance to go out with us both working full time and having a son so it's nice on the rare occasion we do :) I just did my hair into a high bun ring too which is one of my favourite 'updo' hairstyles as it takes minutes to do and looks like you have spent ages on it! Sorry for the quality of the pictures - my fiancé was quickly taking them before we set off and he tries to do it as quick as he can and never gets the full body in and I'm yet to buy a decent blog camera, hopefully soon.

Jeans - H & M £14.99
Shirt blouse - Primark - £ 6
Jewellery - Primark

Monday, 12 August 2013

Lifestyle: Sunderland Air Show

Hi lovelies this is a bit of a different post for me today, a lifestyle post.  I just wanted to share with you what was a great day in the North East a few weeks ago which had 100's of 1000's of people turn up over the course of the weekend for the event.  The main event being to watch the red arrows put on a spectacular display, but there is also lots of fairground rides and fun to be had, and it was a scorching summer day.  Here's me and my 4 year old son, we had lots of fun!

Beauty: Nip and Fab Dry Leg Fix

Hello beauties, just wanted to do a quick post to confess my love of this Nip & Fab dry leg fix.  I had wanted to try this for a while as I had read in magazines over the years that celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston are a big fan of this brand (I know what can I say I'm a BIG sucker for believing everything celebrities like even though it's probably lies ha).  A few month ago I got this free in the Cosmopolitan (I think) magazine which you could choose from the leg fix, the bust fix, or the upper arm fix.  These three are part of their 'Body Toning' collection. I decided on the dry leg fix as I don't know about you but I'm very naughty and always forget to moisturise my legs after the bath/shower so they often get neglected and are quite dry.  This cream is a lovely consistency and has a lovely scent, I can't put a definite comparison on what it smells similar too but it is nice-maybe like apples?  It's an intensive formula designed to immediately nourish and smooth dry, flaky skin.  It has aquaxyl in it to provide 24 hour moisture and shine, Shea butter to restore moisture and promote elasticity and glycerine to soften and hydrate.  I find this does the trick straight away and leaves my legs feeling butter soft!

Have you tried any of the Nip & Fab range?
Let me know!

Friday, 9 August 2013

Beauty: MUA Lip Power Pouts

Ever since Clinique brought out their lip chubby sticks many other make-up brands have been quick to follow such as Revlon, MUA and most recently Bourjois.  I originally wanted to purchase the Bourjois Lip Boost crayons but at the time I was a bit strapped for cash and couldn't justify the price of them, and then I spotted these MUA ones in Superdrug which were only £3 each and so I couldn't resist.
The two shades I picked were 'Justify' which is a lovely peachy coral colour, and 'Rendezvous' which is a lovely pinky/brown shade.  I would say the formula of the power pouts is a bit like a creamy tinted lip balm but with much more pigment in them.  They are a lot more pigmented then I expected for the price and give a lovely dewy effect on the lips.  They are also super glossy and moisturising which makes it perfect for day wear. Also, they are not drying so thankfully don't make any dry cracked areas stand out.  In terms of staying power I would say they last around 4 hours before needing re-applied which doesn't put me off them as they are easy to quickly re-apply like a balm.  I'm yet to try the Bourjois ones but I'm sure I will be soon.  Since reading reviews for the Bourjois ones though I actually think these are just cheaper versions of them with the same pigment/staying power...and what girl doesn't love a bargain?
Have you tried these and love them just as much as me? Let me know!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Get Your Feet Summer Ready

Working all of the time mixed with the typical british winter means our feet often get neglected, so when May approached and we started to get some nice weather the first thing I did was panic about putting sandals on.  This is because in the winter I'm really naughty and often leave my feet snug in warm socks or slippers and don't apply any cream.  So by spring time there often in need of a bit love and attention.  These are the products what I already had in my draws which have really helped me.  Obviously you don't have to run out and buy these identical products but if you have similar products I am sure they will help too...

It's quite funny that I'm writing a post about feet as I actually dislike feet and squirm a bit talking about them ha! Anyways... The PedOrb I think I bought it last year out of Avon (obviously a cheaper version then the PedEgg in Boots) which removes any hard/dead skin of my heels (I know Eww! but I bet we all have some off working hard).  Then I've been applying either the Soap & Glory's heel genius or the Scholl cracked heel repair cream after every bath or shower once feet are dry and just massaging it in.  I love the Heel genius as it has a lovely sort of minty smell and a little goes a long way.  The Scholl heel cream I think I picked up in boots last year on a 3 for 2 deal, the consistency of this cream is a lot thicker compared to Soap and Glory's so it really feels like it's working and soaking deep into the skin layers.

Then I've been applying this Nip and Fab Dry leg fix which I actually got free in one of the magazines last month.  I had never tried the Nip and Fab line but had wanted to for quite some time, and can say this dry leg fix works on my legs a treat after shaving and makes them nice and soft and a bit less itchy after shaving.  Then I have been applying a little cuticle nail oil and massaging this into the feet cuticles to hopefully stimulate growth! And lastly applying my favourite summer nail colour - Barry M's Peach Melba.

Let me know what keep your feet happy during the summer

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