Saturday, 18 May 2013

BodyShop Nutriganics || Night Cream & Eye Cream


After trying to perfect my face cleansing routine I decided I really needed to buy a eye cream as I'm getting lines around my eyes and I have kind of neglected this part of my face. I knew I wanted something with all natural ingredients and to be gentle on my what better shop than the body shop right? As I was browsing the store I was originally looking at the vitamin E range as I had heard many good reviews from other blogs on it. A assistant offered to help and I asked her if the vitamin E eye cream would suit what I was looking for. She said it was a good cream but all of the assistants in the store were using this new Nutriganics range as it had 98% organic ingredients in. 

The other major plus is that in the eye cream it has light reflecting particles in to enhance the eye area to cover dark circles and dull skin. She basically said it not only was a moisturising eye cream it also had the same job as concealers etc to hide dark circles/tired eyes...this sold it for me! I also bought the Nutriganics nourishing night cream to go with it as I usually just put my normal day moisturiser on at night.
I can say I have definitely noticed a difference in both my eye area and skin off using these two products. Skin feels a lot smoother, more hydrated, has took the dryness away, and my eyes look brighter. Definitely worth a buy and would get them again :) The eye cream was £14 and the night cream £6.

Hope this post was helpful...let me know your views on these and any other body shop products that are great too as I want to buy more from there! 

Love Kayleigh


  1. Sounds lovely, and loving the price for such a positive effect :)



    1. Yea defo worth a buy for a cheaper night time cleansing xx


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