Monday, 17 June 2013

Touch of Sparkle || Glam Phone Cases

Afternoon ladies, I just wanted to do a quick post on this gorgeous new phone case of looks good enough to eat right?  I was originally on the hunt for a phone case after buying a new iphone and wanted to protect it as they are so easy to slide out of your hands! (FYI my last iphone slid into my cup of tea as I had a cuppa in one hand and the iphone in the other...oops) So when I was looking on twitter I stumbled across TouchOfSparkle_ @TouchOfSparkle_which make customised gorgeous phone cases, key covers, ipad covers, diamond glasses and lots more.  You simply just personal message with your order of what you want, pay over PayPal and expect to see it in the post about 4-5 days later.  I was super happy with the price only  being £15 including postage & packaging and it arrived in the post around five days later on a Saturday which I was very impressed with as this must have took a few days to make. 
I didn't have a PayPal account originally  but it was very simple to set one up and only took 5 minutes.  I know this case is very "out there" & girly which is exactly the look as I was going for a change...and think it is super blingy! It arrived in fabulous condition and although it has lots of beads etc attached they are not flimsy and haven't fell off.  The company does lots of different designs and have just started making a MAC makeup phone case...Is your phone needing a little updating?  Check them out :)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Beauty: Mac Studio Fix Vs Rimmel Stay Matte

Hello Ladies, this post is going to be about comparing a MAC powder and a budget version Rimmel one.  MAC is one of my all time favourite makeup brands after only discovering it 2 years ago and I think they offer a great variety of powders. However I had read from a lot of beauty bloggers that the rimmel stay matte was worth a try as the powder was getting a lot of rave decided to compare the two. Before buying MAC I could never find a powder that lived up to its claims of hours of endless shine. 

I think everyone that applies makeup should own a good powder as for me it is an essential part of my makeup routine both for quick daytime makeup or night time full makeup. Even if you haven't got oily skin what so ever, I still think powders are great for setting your foundation and making it last. I know the dewy look is in at the moment but I like to add a dewy look with my highlighters on top of powders. So here's my comparison....

MAC Studio Fix Powder NC30

 This powder is described as a medium coverage powder foundation but personally I just use it as a setting powder on top of my MAC foundation. I adore this for the great coverage it gives and find it buffs into my skin great with the Real Techniques powder brush. It has great staying power and I find my slightly oily skin doesn't shine through even after a lot of hours when I've been on a night out or at work. It is without a doubt the best powder I've used that offers such high coverage for marks/spots on my face whilst controlling shine.  I find amazingly i don't have to apply this again throughout the day/night. I will definately be re-purchasing this when it eventually runs out, as you can see from the picture its still in great condition for being just under a year old so personally i think its worth the £21.50 price tag as it lasts ages. However, just a tiny niggle I have...last time I was using this powder for a night out I noticed when my friends were taking pictures on every picture I looked as white as a ghost as though there was a flash shining on me...I looked it up on internet and it seems it is quite common with this powder. Although that night I did wear my MAC face & body foundation for first time... and that is meant to be AMAZING for professional photography shots (a lot of models/celebrities use this for photo shoots so I haven't a clue if it was down to this or not.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - Warm Beige

 I first heard about this powder after hearing a lot of bloggers reviews claiming this was just as good as other high end brands and at only a fraction of the price at £ I was obviously a little dubious on first testing. However I am pleased to say I cannot really fault this budget powder. First off it makes my skin look just as flawless as it would using the MAC Fix powder, it sets into my skin nicely without drying round any marks/spots, controls my shine and has a nice matte effect. The one little doesn't last as long as the MAC Fix, as for a night out I have to reapply it as I find it only lasts about 4-5 hours BUT taking everything into account (and the price) I think this is a great alternative and have been using this one for work or day time makeup allowing me to keep my MAC Fix for nights out/special occasions.

Have you tried either of these? How did you find them?

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Beauty: MUA Lip Boom

Hello lovely has the weather been? I've been off work since Tuesday and been sunbathing in the garden and got quite a nice little tan, lets just hope it stays like this over the weekend so everyone can enjoy it :)  Today I'm reviewing this lip boom in shade 'OMG' which is a beautiful summery coral shade which I fell in love with and had to buy!  This was made in collaboration with Alexandra Burke (X Factor) with MUA and retails at a tiny £3.  MUA describe it as a lipstick and highlighting gloss that creates fuller curvaceous lips for a dramatic illusion of volume.  You can wear it four different ways-the lipstick only for a matte look, lipstick with the gloss in the middle to create fuller lips, the lipstick with the gloss all over for a sheer finish, or the gloss on its own for a sheer pearl finish, and it comes in 8 lovely shades to choose from.
When I first opened it I didn't expect much for the price...and I thought it looked quite drying but I couldn't have been more wrong as once applied it is a great creamy moisturising matte lipstick.  I think it will be great to brighten up an outfit for those lovely summer nights in the pub we will all soon be enjoying.  I think this coral shade is great and I'm really impressed with it so going to buy some different colours in it next time I'm in Superdrug.

Just a quick review tonight ladies
Let me know your thoughts on the post
Love hearing from you

Monday, 3 June 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation


I decided to buy Bourjois healthy mix foundation as I had read on so many blog posts that beauty bloggers were loving this....and I am always on the hunt for that perfect high street priced foundation! I decided to get the shade "light beige" as it was the second lightest shade but the first one was too pale for me.

However I'm sad to say I was quite disappointed with this because I was expecting it to be really good....first of all the things I like about this foundation is the packaging, pump dispenser and the price. Also it had a really nice dewy look to it. The reasons I didn't like it was first off the colour...the swatch on the picture looks fine but once on my skin I found it a bit orangey looking, but the shade below was far too pale. The second thing was that it clung onto EVERY tiny bit of dry patches/blemishes and made it look cakey and flakey which is not a good look. I even tried this foundation on three separate days when my skin wasn't dry but found it still clung onto any blemishes. And thirdly...each time I tested it I left it on for my usual daytime and I was gutted to see on every occasion the foundation only lasted 3/4 hours later after applying, even with my usual primer and powder applied as normal, but it would stay clung onto dry patches/blemishes.

Sadly I won't be buying this again, will stick with my trusted MAC & Estée Lauder for now... And keep on hunting for a good high street foundation. Dont get me wrong I love other products from Bourjois, guess this one is just not for me! 

Hope this review helps, would love to know how you have found this foundation or if your thinking about buying it.


Saturday, 1 June 2013

Beauty: Bourjois Cream Blush

To celebrate Bourjois being 150 years they released four cream blush replicas of their much loved original blushes but in a lovely creamy formula! When I was shopping in Superdrug I couldn't resist having a try.  I tested all four shades on my hand in the shop and bought the one I liked the most and what I thought would suit my face...the "Healthy Glow shade number 02"
When I got home I was desperate to test it out properly and began applying it with my fingers at first then blended it in further with my Real Techniques stippling brush....straight away I thought wow I lurve this blush so much! It has a lovely creamy texture but changes into a powdery finish once on the skin. Amazing thing is although it finishes like a powder it doesn't look dry, it shows a gorgeous dewy effect-but by no means "shimmery or glittery" which I adore about the product. It comes in the lovely little compact and has a mirror inside. I've since put this on with just my fingers without using any brushes and it looks the same finish. The colour healthy glow is a beautiful coral colour....perfect for the summer :) I think it's a beauty must have and urge you to try it!

Let me know if you have bought this one or any other shades, or if your thinking of buying it :)

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