Monday, 22 April 2013

Nivea Express Hydration Primer

I  just happened to come across this primer when I was in Superdrug the other day as previous primers (some high brand) had left me with dry flaky skin.  I must say this is one of the best primers I have ever used, and it’s an absolute bargain at £4.99! It only takes a minute to sink in and my make-up lasts all day.  It is light based gel that absorbs instantly so you can apply make-up straight away.  It states it moisturises your skin with effective hydrators and vitamins for long lasting hydration and provides an even and smooth base for make up application.  The brilliant thing is too I was looking for a primer as essentially my skin was dry, but this bargain beauty not only works great at a primer but also as a moisturiser too! Even when I have not been wearing make up too stay in the house I have been putting this on and really makes my skin nice and smooth and shine free.  I cannot say enough about this….I have even since went out and bought a couple of more jars :)

Nivea primer

Please share your comments below if you have experienced this primer as good as I have, or any questions you have.

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Kayleigh xxx
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  1. I had a little sample and absolutely loved it!its so light and moisturising isn't it?! Great review xx

  2. Hi Hannah thank you! Yes I love it its definitely going to be a skin care must of mine from now on. Please follow my blog xx

  3. Does this improve oiliness? After an hour of applying my makeup I seem to look oily and want something to help with this x

  4. Yeah but also try Kleenex oil blotting sheets with it (couple pound from superdrug), this only takes a few mins to sink in then you can apply make up, and if your really oily try Rimmel Stay Mattee Poweder in Transparent shade, really good just like MAC powders but cheaper x


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