Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July Favourites

My blog is in its third month so now I feel I can do my first monthly favourites as I think I've reviewed enough products to choose from.  July has been a good month for many reasons, I got my first staff nurse job secured for September when I finish university, my 4 year old son (yes I know I don't look old enough ha!) finished nursery and starts big boy school in Septemer which I'm excited about but also sad of the realisation he's growing up and he's not my baby anymore! I also won a 100 follower giveaway and won a MAC lipstick! So here's my July favourites and the products I've been loving this month...

So I think the product I've been loving the most is this Collection (Previously named Collection 2000) Lasting Perfection concealer in the shade medium. I haven't done a review about it as I'm pretty sure unless you have been living under a rock everybody in the beauty and blogging world would have at some point raved about this. I started blogging 3 months ago but actually only bought this 2 weeks ago as I was waiting until all the hype had died down, plus I still had a lot of my beloved Touche Éclat concealer left and I'm consciously trying to save money. So basically I have been using this everyday since I bought it, it's amazing for under your eyes in reducing dark lines and just generally brightening under your eyes, it doesn't leave the under eye area cakey or dry and at just £4.19 it is a beauty steal. I hope Collection never discontinue it!

I bought this Bourjois cream blusher in shade Healthy Glow 02 back in June and I have literally used it every time I have applied makeup.  You can read my full review of it here.  I find you can apply this with fingers and blend it in or I have been using my Real Techniques stippling brush with gives a lovely finish and I find I can blend it in much better, but be careful not to put too much on the stippling brush! I had to include this in my July favourites as it has been my only cream blush I have been reaching for throughout June and July, and still find it a gorgeous coral colour for the summer.

I absolutely love this spring water and have mentioned it a few times in the odd post I have done and again I just had to include it as last week after having two of the mini Avene bottles of this I had run out of it again so decided to buy the bigger bottle as I love it so much.  Basically this product is useful for all sorts of things including to calm down skin after shaving, sunburn, to use on cuts, after tweezing, to set makeup after application to make it last longer.  In fact, the one thing I do use it for mostly is not on their list ha, I use it as a sort of toner, I spray it onto a cotton wool pad and after doing my morning and evening face cleanse I apply this as a sort of cooling toner, which helps remove any makeup traces that the cleanser hasn't been able to remove.  It's fabulous.

One thing I'm guilty of as a blogger is not having enough make up brushes (I actually only have four, oops!) But this Ecotools brush and the real techniques stippling brush are the two brushes I reach for every time I apply makeup, and are really my go-to brushes.  I got this quite a while ago, it's a brand that's sold in Boots and is reasonably cheap.  This is actually supposed to be a blusher brush but I have quite small features on my face so I find this way too big for blusher.  If I used this to apply blusher I think I would end up looking very patchy and not blended.  I actually use this brush to apply my finishing powder and it works great when applying either my Rimmel Stay Matte powder or my MAC Fix powder.

Ok...I have something to confess.  I did a review back in June on this Bourjois foundation and lots of bloggers were raving about how brilliant it was, I went and bought it and did a full review on it which I stated lots of pros about it but also stated how I didn't like how it seemed to cling to every dry bit of my face and blemishes and make it stand out.  But this month I thought I will give it another try and this time it was much better and wasn't clinging to every blemish making it look dry and flaky, no where near as bad as when I wrote that review.  Both times I was putting on primer too, so all I can think of was that at the time of the review in June my skin must have been worse than now as I do have combination skin.  Who knows, maybe the lovely summer weather we have been having has made my skin better? So I actually really like this foundation now and use this on a day to day basis and keep my MAC and other higher end foundations for just nights outs and more special occasions.

For days when I haven't needed to wear foundation this product has been my holy grail yes that's right my HOLY GRAIL BB cream.  It looks smooth and flawless on, the colour adapts to you skin tone, it feels light and refreshing on the skin, and has SPF This is the first BB cream I actually own, to be honest I never thought I would like them as I'm a sort of full coverage kind of girl as my skin fluctuates.  Nspa products can be bought from Asda and all their products are cheap and affordable.  Definitely recommend it.  You can read my full review of this and the Nspa Hair Elixir Oil here.

I'm not going to give too much away about this product as I have been using it for the last two weeks and making sure I get a good time span to be able to write a full review of it properly which I will be putting up in the next 1-2 weeks, but I just had to include it as I have noticed a big difference in my skin from using it and my pores reduced. 

                       So there's my monthly favourites, this year is really flying by don't you think?!


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Winning a MAC lipstick!!!

Hi beauties, I just wanted to share with you the fabulous prize I won from the lovely Katie for her blog (check it out here) reaching 100 followers.  Well done! The prize was to win a MAC lipstick in any shade from the main collection, I was so excited when I found out I won...I never win anything! ha.  Before winning this I currently only had 2 MAC lipsticks in my collection - 'Impassioned' and 'Hue', and after lots of browsing on the internet I decided to get 'Crème D'Nude' as I was looking for a pale peachy colour and this one is always in their 'bestsellers' section.


Sorry for the photos I am itching to get a camera for blogging but have to wait until September when I finish uni and start my job...booo! I absolutely love this colour and with being on a four week study break from uni I have literally been wearing this everyday since. It's hard to describe but the colour seems like a pale peachy pinky beige kind of colour (ha that summed it up eh!?) I do love MAC lipsticks but have noticed the price creeping up and up lately..what's with that? I also can't wait until September when I finish uni and start my job to go on a massive MAC spree...I'm really keen to try their paint pots as well because I have heard so many good things about them.  Let me know if you have any other MAC lipstick or paint pot shades that I should buy!

                                                     And thankyou Katie for my MAC lipstick!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Nspa Beauty Balm and Hair Elixir Oil

Hi everyone hope you are all well, I've just got back from a few days camping in Blackpool so just had some nice pampering in the bath and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed! Last week I kindly got sent some lovely goodies to review from the lovely people at nspa - the beauty balm and the hair elixir oil.* A few weeks before receiving these I had actually bought two products from the Nspa range for a present- the raspberry shower gel and raspberry body spray mist and they both smelt gorgeous I bought some for myself the following week whilst doing my weekly shop.
These products actually got sent at a perfect time for me because I was going camping and had never tried a BB cream or tinted moisturiser before and obviously didn't want a full heavy foundation when camping, and I had ran out of my beloved Moroccan oil a few months back.  I purposely tried both these products for a week before writing my review, and took them both camping with me so I feel I can give a reliable review of them both.
So a little bit about nspa...This brand is exclusive to Asda supermarkets, and the products all range in price from £3-£7 so they won't break the bank!  All of the products come in stages as you can see on the bottles - Stage 1-Cleanse to draw out impurities, remove make-up and clarify skin. Stage 2-Exfoliate to buff away dull skin cells, refine pores and tone skin. Stage 3 -Treat to condition and replenish tired skin and Stage 4-Moisturise to restore and nourish thirsty skin.  I think this is a great easy beauty regime that anyone can follow for a great skincare routine whether your new to skincare products are not. The beauty balm I got sent is stage 3 in a skincare routine.
Beauty balms or BB creams have been a beauty buzz word for quite a while now and are known for covering any imperfections/pores and blemishes whilst providing you with a light colour coverage.  Now personally I don't own any BB creams or tinted moisturisers (shocking I know) as my skin is sometimes combination and I have some acne scars still visible off my younger years, so for me I like to feel I have a 'good coverage' on my face even through the day.  I have swatched many BB creams when I have been in shops and I was always put off by the fact even the light shade would be so dark on my hand (yes Garnier I am looking at you!)  When I first applied this to my hand to look at the shade I was aware that it was a darker shade than my skin colour so I was a bit wary before applying it, but I was pleasantly surprised that once applied to the face it blended really well and didn't leave those awful lines of darker colour on the jaw line, it somehow adapted to my shade and blended in effortlessly.  I also stood in-front of the window to test it out and it looked very natural.  As the coverage is so light it doesn't make you feel or look like your wearing heavy makeup, and is perfect for day time wear because it has a added SPF 15.  For night time it can be worn alone and then I would just add my usual concealer and bronzer, or it could be used well for a bit of a primer to give your skin a nice base for foundation if you were choosing to have more coverage.  Overall the effect was natural and flawless so I was really pleased with this product, it hasn't broke my skin out.  Here is a few pictures of me wearing just the BB cream and no other make up to give you an idea of the coverage, I loved the feeling of having light coverage on but also knowing I was not completely 'naked' as I went to a family barbecue and camping with this on.
After recently changing my hair colour from blonde to brown my hair was in desperate need of some moisture.  I had ran out of my beloved Moroccan oil a few months back and had recently been using the Argan oil from Primark.  I would say the consistency of this oil is very similar to the Moroccan oil as it is quite thick (where as the argan oil from primark is quite runny).  I have been using this nspa oil after every hair wash, using two pumps on wet hair and one pump on dry hair after straightening o banish any frizz.  This has been a great replacement and I have really noticed a difference in the condition of my hair, it's much more soft, manageable and the ends have definitely gone smoother after being so dry when I had blonde hair. I think everyone should use oil on their hair as it not only improves the overall condition and strengthens the hair from all the heat products we use on it, I also think using oil on your hair helps it to grow too.
Thank you to nspa for kindly sending me these.  I have also seen on other bloggers reviews that the melting face cleanser and the hot cloth cleanser are going down well too so I will be purchasing them next, and I would recommend these two beauties aswell. Asda have currently got an offer on nspa products - 2 for £8.
Let me know if you have tried any nspa products or if your thinking of buying!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Nails: Barry M // Peach Melba

Just wanted to do a quick post tonight lovelies to rave to you all about my new favorite nail varnish I'm loving right now. Barry M`s "Peach Melba" is a gorgeous coral colour....I've been loving everything in coral this summer I'm obsessed-coral clothes, makeup, sandals, jewellery, and nail varnish! I always find Barry M polishes high quality and after using this and the Barry M top coat has so far lasted 5 days without chipping. 

Let me know any other shades/brands your loving right now!                           

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My Summer Picks #1

Hi everyone :) Im going to be doing a summer series looking at different areas of the body to get summer ready, and thus is the first one-my summer makeup picks. Summer has finally popped its head around the corner and the sun is finally beginning to shine. possibly the hottest summer we have had in years right? With this in mind, my daily beauty and makeup regimes tend to have a good old shake up and switch around, so here are a small selection of my favourite summer beauty products I have been using so far...remember you might have similar products to these that you can use instead.

The Tan
If I'm honest I don't wear false tan as much as sometimes I just haven't got enough time, but it's something I have definitely been trying to push myself to bother with.  Having a tan just makes me feel so much better and boosts my confidence a little.  My favourite tan for all over my body is this one from Laurens Way.  It's designed by Lauren Goodger from 'The Only Way Is Essex' and I must say it is the best tan I have ever used, far better then Fake Bake, St Tropez and Xen Tan.  It has won a heap of beauty awards, is a perfect bronzed golden shade (not orange) and does not streak in the slightest. People are constantly giving it praise on twitter and some of the pictures before and after are amazing! The ST Tropez Face tan is obviously specifically for the face, I like to use this to make my makeup blend in more, I sometimes apply it with a makeup brush of a sponge just like you would apply your makeup to give an even coverage as I find when applied with hands or tanning mitt you can never get an even coverage on the face.
The Base
As it's been so lovely and hot, the last thing I have wanted to do is to apply a heavy foundation on my face.  After moisturising with Garnier Moisture Match (review here) I've been applying Benefit's the Pore fessional primer (you can read my review of it here) which evens out my skin tone and banishes any discolouration and pores.  I've then been applying MAC Studio Fix Powder which is described on MACs website as a foundation powder as it's coverage is medium.  I find this is great for when I don't want to wear foundation because I still find it covers up blemishes and still gives me quite a high coverage as I would feel a bit nervous wearing nothing at all as I do have combination skin.  Then I've been giving my base a spritz with either MAC Fix Spray or Avene Eau Thermale spring water spray to keep me cool and help my powder stay set with the hot sticky weather.
Bronzer & Blushers
I absolutely adore this MAC mineralize skinfinish natural bronzer and this has been pretty much my staple bronzer for about a year now, I'm yet to try NARS luguna what I've heard so many raves about.  I like to apply bronzer for a bit of a natural sun kissed look and apply it on my head, cheeks, nose and around the jaw line for a more defined finish.  My favourite cream blush at the moment is Bourjois in "Healthy Glow" (review here) as its so pretty and really easy to blend, and looks so natural.  I am totally loving coral shades in everything this summer!  My favourite blusher powder has to be Benefit's Coralista as it's a gorgeous coral shade with a hint of shimmer in it to give that glowy effect, without leaving you looking like a disco ball.
Lips and Nails
This was my first MAC lipstick I bought and it is definitely a simple natural classic shade I will never get bored of-shade 'Hue'.  I have lots of other lipstick shades that are bold and bright but think this one looks the best with the coral theme I'm loving at the minute and think this one is a perfect day time shade.  On my nails I use a lot of Barry M and this is my favourite summer pastel colour at the moment, shade 'Peach Melba' which even makes my hands look instantly more tanned.
My skin is becoming much drier, so I have been making sure every shower or bath time I exfoliate my whole body. I have also been exfoliating my face with this St Ives scrub to unclog pores as it makes my makeup glide on much better and makes my face feel like it's been thoroughly cleaned, especially in this weather if your putting sun tan lotion on. Then, moisturise moisturise moisturise! Nobody wants flaky legs and arms when there trying to get a tan.  I'm really loving this Vaseline cocoa butter, instantly buffs away all of the dry skin from the winter and very nourishing with a lovely scent.

There you have it, my favourite summer picks :) Look out for my next post coming soon....'Get your feet summer ready'  Enjoy the sunshine, and remember to wear SPF!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Haircare: Do blondes really have more fun?

Hi over the last few months I've been really sick of my blonde hair for many reasons.  My roots always show quick that I've been having to get my hair highlighted at the hairdressers every payday which is quite pricey. Also I've been noticing the lightening has been taking a toll on the condition of my hair even though I also specifically use blonde hair care products, I noticed dry split ends and seen my hair becoming thinner and thinner the last few years.  Plus as a busy working mam and having to have my hair tied up for work (which after a few weeks the roots just show) I started to think what was the point paying all that money every 4-6 weeks!  I decided I would go back brunette (even though every time I change back I can never get used to it) to give my hair a break and to try and improve the overall condition and see if this will help it grow too! The hair dye I used was Loreal's Casting Crème Gloss in light brown.  I chose light brown because whenever I've dyed it brown in the past sometimes in can go really dark and almost look black which I DEFINATELY don't suit. SO here's me with brown hair...

I'm still finding it strange every time I see myself in a mirror it still looks weird because I'm so used to blonde.  But I was really impressed with the colour it turned out and this hair dye was so easy to use.  I know I will have to do it a few more times as the brown will start fading and the blonde will start to show through but that's expected. 

Please let me know of any good hair care products...specific to brown hair to keep the colour longer or just any normal ones for severely dry, in need of moisture ones!  And you know of any makeup shades look better with brown hair?

Let me know!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Skincare: Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry

Hi lovelies, ahh I'm so happy right now, it's the start of my four weeks off from placement/uni & the heatwave is starting to show its presence. Sun = everybody happier :) I want to introduce you to my newest bargain cream I've added to my skincare routine....and oh what a little gem it is.

I was in Boots last night looking for beauty products to buy for my sisters 30th birthday (me last minute as usual rushing around) as I was on my way to her house after for pizza and a girly night with friends as she's 5 month pregnant.  Boots had really good deals on where every beauty product line was buy one get one half price which came in very useful.  I had been eyeing up this moisturiser for weeks now ever since they were released and had even tried to order a free sample off Garnier's website but it wouldn't work, and as I stumbled across it so I popped one in my basket to go with my sisters present thinking she can review it and let me know if its good or not.  I was then delighted to get to the till and the woman behind the counter told me it was buy one get one free on all Garnier I got mine free, bargain!


 Now bit of a background on my's a mixture of everything really.  It's combination although I now mostly have those little spots that are UNDER the skin but still show, I think it's off past scarring when I was younger as I had really bad skin.  It can also be a bit oily around my t-zone, but is incredibly dry on my cheeks and I often get dry patches which are such a pain.  For that reason I am always looking for a deep hydrating moisturiser that doesn't take ages to skin in and leave you looking oily after application.  I currently use Oil of Olay in the summer months which I have done for years (however this still leaves me dry sometimes) and Avene Rich Hydrating Cream in the winter months.

There are five different types of moisturiser in this range, which has one to tailor every skin type.  They include Protect & Glow-for normal skin, Start Afresh-for normal/dry skin, Goodbye Dry-for dry/very dry skin, Wake Me Up-for dull skin, and Shine & Be Gone-for combination/oily skin.  There was no doubt about it...I needed Goodbye Dry at the moment.  First of all I loved the pretty packaging the cream comes in very girly and pretty as this always hooks me in to buy.  Also I absolutely love the fact the moisturiser comes in a tube as you can definitely control the amount you use, and I just find it's way more hygienic than sticking your fingers in a pot/jar.  Another thing I love this product for is the consistency of the cream...I ALWAYS struggle to get this right, it's either too thick and gloopy or too thin and watery but this cream is just right-rich & hydrating but non-greasy.  On first application the cream felt as though it just literally drank up my dry skin and not just sat on the surface and dried up a few hours later (like my Oil of Olay does sometimes).  But this was very nice and absorbed into my skin very quickly and made a great base for my primer and makeup. 

My skin didn't break out with adding this new product in (as sometimes my sensitive skin does this) the cream is quite rich so you don't need a huge amount.  It felt very gentle and refreshing on my skin and has a nice strawberry scent.  My sensitive dry skin has seen a big improvement since using it, and cannot recommend this enough, especially for the price too.  Currently on offer in boots Buy One Get One Free on all Garnier skincare for £5.99.

Beauty: MAC Face Highlighters

For me personally, I only started using highlighters around a year ago as I always thought it would make my shiny combination skin worse.  But then I became obsessed with MAC makeup after watching you tube tutorials of celebrity make up artists and soon discovered I needed them in my make up bag.  These are two of my favourite MAC highlighters, but I also love Benefit's high beam & have just bought a MUA highlighter to try out...which I will be reviewing soon!
If your new to using highlighters there basically made for highlighting the high points of your face.  This can include your cheek bones, eyebrow bone, and your tear duct.  Also you can highlight your chin and nose, although I tend to highlight just my nose as it makes the face appear slimmer.  I've never tried highlighting my chin as for me sometimes this can be my problem skin area which I don't particularly want to enhance.
I always think when your not confident at highlighting yet, just using your fingers and starting to highlight just one or two areas first is always a good starting point, that's how I done mine as I didn't have a clue initially. Here's a good guide on Kim Kardashians face that her make up artist tweeted a while ago as a guide.  I know it seems a lot but this is more for the full on face guide to highlighting & contouring and which shade should be there.  As I say if your not confident you can just pick a few areas from this guide to get you started.  I'm still not confident in doing all of this yet.

MAC Strobe Cream
This strobe cream has been accredited with being a beauty cult favourite and is very popular among celebrity make up artists.  It is described as the "ultimate quick fix for the skin and is super powered with potent botanicals.  It is said to distress, moisten, freshen and boost the look of dull, flat or tired skin."  It is fully loaded with a vitamin zap and green tea.  I find this is a lovely consistency and like the fact it comes in a big tube, it gives the skin a lovely sheen finish with a nice dewy fresh look, but with no glitter ball effect which for me is perfect.  It's very easy to apply and you can apply it with your fingers and it can be buildable on how much highlight you want.  I can definitely see why this is a favourite, and have found it looks lovely on photos.  You can buy this at MAC's website, there are two sizes- the 50ml tube like mine for £23.50 or there is a much smaller 30ml travel size tube for £12.50...much friendlier on the purse.

MAC Colour Base in "Pearl Frost"
These are fairly new to MAC with only being released a few month ago.  It is described as a "versatile & multi purpose highlighter."  I've found it is very versatile as it can be applied directly to bare skin, or layered over foundation, moisturiser or powder.  They are very easy to use and can be applied with a brush, sponge or just using your fingers.  Personally I just use my fingers, or for a special occasion I have used it with my Real Techniques Stippling brush which has also worked well.  I absolutely adore this one, I think it's my favourite of the two.  It has a lovely frosty sheen creamy finish and looks very natural on cheekbones, eyebrow bone and down the bridge of my nose.  The thing I love about most is I think these pots are great for beginners or pro's and love the fact there are five different shades.  This one in pearl frost is the second lightest shade as I wanted this purely for a highlighter.  The other three shades darker than this one are more of a bronzer type shades.  I have been eyeing up the one in shade "Hush" for a while now as I think that will go perfect alongside this one to contour next to the highlighter.  You can buy these at MACs website for £15.00

Here's me wearing pearl frost colour base-I have no makeup on here just the highlighter to give you a rough idea as I was having a lazy stay at home day!  

What do you think about highlighters? Which products do you use?

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Empties Post #1

Ahh I just want to say sorry for my lack of posts the past few weeks as things have been pretty hectic for me lately! Unfortunately my uni course doesn't finish in May like the majority, mine runs right through until September...but today is the first day of a lovely four weeks holiday! So...the past few weeks have been pretty crazy...I have been working on a busy hospital ward doing 13 hour shifts and having a 4 year old and lots of essays due in (hence the lack of blogging). I found out I passed my dissertation (yay!) and also got my first staff nurse job secured for when I finish in September....Woohoo! Finally, these last three hard, sweat, blood and tears have paid off and I could not be happier.  So here's the beginning of a lovely four weeks off with only my FINAL EVER essay to hand in next week, then from august my final 7 weeks as a student nurse before I'm in my blue nurse uniform...scary!  The flowers you can see in the photo are from my lovely fiancé for getting my first staff nurse job :)

So...I've got lots of posts scheduled but wanted to try this one first as I have seen lots of people write these kinda posts and find myself obsessed with reading everyone else's.  I also thought I would never be able to collect lots of empty products as I'm forever buying new stuff...but quite impressed with what I have used up (if not a little proud feeling ha)  Sorry about the quality of pictures, I cannot wait until September when I ask the other half to buy me a DSLR camera for my graduation present! So here's my first empties post..

Batiste Dry Shampoo Light & Blonde
I used to use the normal batiste dry shampoos with no hint of colour in like the cherry one but this is my second time using the hint of light blonde colour and I really like it.  Unfortunately it doesn't have the same lovely scent that comes with the other ones but for when my hair needs a little extra pick me up/volume or if I have been lazy after a 13 hour shift and cant be bothered to wash my hair..I find this is great to use especially behind my ears, for my fringe and on the roots.  I prefer using this one because as I have my hair coloured blonde the roots do show quite quick so sometimes this disguises my awful roots when it's time for the hairdressers again.  Definitely a repurchase product.
Rimmell Fix & Protect Primer
 I know this is a cheap high street product but for me the packaging is a little boring and not very appealing...Unfortunately I won't be repurchasing this just because for me the consistency was too much of a runny liquid.  By that I mean I usually like primers to be a thick consistency what you can feel literally drink up the shine on your face, but I felt this one just glided over.  And because of this I found my makeup didn't stay on that long as it would have with previous primers I have used.  I would definitely prefer spending a bit more money on a thicker consistency.
Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo
 Ahh how amazing is the peach smell of this shampoo? I could literally just soak in the stuff!  I bought this and the 3 minute mask (but that's not empty yet) and I really like them both.  Only little negative thing is I find this one states for coloured hair but I find it doesn't actually make my colour any better/shinier which is fine as I just put a mask for coloured hair on after.  But this definitely rinses all the product build up out my hair and I always feel it cleans it well.  Definitely repurchase....if not just for the smell!
Sheer Blonde Conditioning Treatment
 I've actually repurchased this for years now as I find it leaves my hair silky smooth, lasts much longer than the Lee Stafford masks, has a nice smell, and helps to calm the frizz down.  Firm favourite of mine!
Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water
 This is the second small tube of this spring water I have tried and I couldn't be without it purchase I make will be the much bigger bottle you can get.  I find this is perfect for me as it is for sensitive and irritated skin.  It's a very versatile product and can be used for many things including nappy rash, razor burn, after hair removal, sunburn, to calm down facial redness, after exercise, in summer, during travel, or to set makeup.  Personally I have been using it as more of a toner after I have cleansed my face I use this then put on my moisturiser.  It's great for making you skin feel soothing and clean, great for removing all traces of my makeup, and also for setting my makeup for special occasions (a bit like MAC Fix + spray).  Firm favourite of mine :)
Lee Stafford Hot Shots 4 Blondes
 I think I have said in a previous hair post these are great for toning your blonde hair to a more ashy blonde...I bought these in a 3 for 2 offer in boots, they are good and make my hair a lovely colour and gets rid of all the orangey tones, but have found cheaper alternative blonde toning products.
Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment
 I really love this hair mask as I find it leaves my hair in great condition, super soft and silky...only down side is the small tub for the price.  This is the best mask I have used so far but think I am going to try the Macadamia one next!
Sudocrem Tube
 And finally, I tend to use sudocrem on my face when I feel a spot coming on (lovely, I know) and it really helps take the redness away and calms it down.  I used to use the little tubs of this but when these tubes came out I prefer to use these as I find them much more hygienic then sticking your hand in a tub, especially when its being applied on my face. A definite repurchase.
Hope you enjoyed my first empties post, it was fun doing it :)
Let me know what you think

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