Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fashion & Life Update : Wedding Outfit

Hi beauties, I actually can't believe it's been 15 whole days since I've wrote a blog post. I think I've had a long break like this as somehow life just got completely in the way. At the time of deciding to have a break I got to the point where I was feeling totally uninspired and demotivated with my blog even though I had lots of posts planned and had photos already prepped, so I knew it was time for a break. Anyhow, while I've been away I'm in the process of booking my wedding abroad which I couldn't be happier about. It's something we've wanted to do for a long time but with me coming out of full time employment over three years ago to begin my nurse training at uni and having our son I suppose that got lost in the priorities list somehow!
Anyway, a few weeks ago I attended a family wedding which was stunning and a gorgeous day, I had no idea what to wear and ordered a few dresses online to try but wasn't very impressed. And then I spotted this dress in River Island in the sale section for a unbelievable £8 in my size so snapped it up straight away. Here's me wearing it and my son and fiance in the second photo...how smart does my 4 year old look? We got his suit in the sale at next which the pants, shirt, tie and waistcoat came to £15 I think. I decided to go for the natural makeup look but still wore some false eyelashes which were a total bargain and I actually preferred them over Eyelure (will write a post about them next) and a bright lip. I didn't want to get too dressed up as I wasn't drinking any alcohol as I had to drive our son home at 8pm for school the next day.

Let me know if you have been to any weddings abroad or got married abroad as I'm a bit nervous about planning it in a short space of time - 10 months!


  1. that dress is gorgeous! enjoy planning the wedding...its so exciting xx

  2. You look beautiful Kayleigh, lovely post :) xx


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