Sunday, 19 May 2013

OOTD || Primark & Asda

I was shopping the other day and got a few bits for quite a bargain so thought I would share them with you...


The cream blazer was originally £19 in Primark but was on the clearance rack yesterday for £5...bargain! I was quite lucky too because I already had in mind I wanted a light blazer to go with jeans instead of always wearing jackets/coats and was about to pop into h&m or Zara for one before I spotted this one so I was very happy indeed :) 

The cream pixie top with the sequinned collar is from Asda at £10 which I think is really good as the material is quite thick, and can be dressed up or down. 

The jeans were also from Asda which were £14...really like them as they are skinny jeans but have stretchy material and they can be rolled up at the bottom. 

Have you collected any bargains recently? Let me know! 

Love Kayleigh


  1. That blazer is such a bargain and I love your new header :D xxx

  2. Ahh thank you Hun..yea it was I was surprised as I never normally find good bargains lol thankyou...slowly getting there..just need to work out how to do fancy buttons and have no idea how to do nice writing for pr/advertising headers etc :/ lol but ur post was great for personalising blogs xx


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