Saturday, 5 October 2013

Fitness: A health kick that's not expensive

Hi guys, I finished Uni in September and I am now just waiting for clearance to start my new job as a nurse. With my boy starting school in September and me suddenly being at home all the time I decided now was the perfect time to kick start my fitness into gear to stop the boredom. It's also something I've wanted to do for quite a while but could never seem to fit it into my routine with being at uni, working placement full time and having a little one to run around after.

    *Disclaimer - I'm not starting this to lose weight in any way as I'm a perfectly healthy size 8*

I just wanted to put that out there incase people took it the wrong way thinking it's ridiculous for me to lose weight. I think no matter what clothes size you are nobody can be truly body confident and will always think of a niggle about themselves somehow! With me, it's more about toning the top of my legs up, my hips and my tummy, as I've noticed a difference since having my son four years ago. Plus all my jeans are too tight and I find I feel uncomfortable. Also, as I've just finished my training and am now a qualified nurse I am obviously more conscious of the health risks etc of not exercising, and generally just want to lead a healthier lifestyle, with the hope that adding a bit exercise into my routine will relieve stress/tension, will help with my interrupted sleep, my headaches will hopefully become less and to not feel out of breath from walking up the stairs!

I'm also doing it to aim towards my goal of running the Great North Run next September in aid of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which is something very close to my heart. I will be pledging my money and applying for the Great North Run as soon as I start my job so I've definitely got a great goal to aim for, especially for the days when I'm probably feeling tired and not motivated. I went for my first run last week - bearing in mind I haven't ran properly for years. And it wasn't very pleasant, I was coughing so much, shaking, and my legs felt like jelly and for a few days after they were so sore. But I'm sure if I stick at it it will become a lot easier (so I hope).

Not all size 8's are healthy you know just because they look thin....I'm sure there are bigger sized women who are MUCH healthier than me. I'm not on a 'diet' either, I'm just trying to swap some foods for healthier ones, and I'm sure in the winter months I'll be bringing out the slow cooker when I start work and throwing in lots of vegetables, potatoes and meat instead of thinking ah I'm tired after work I'll order a takeaway! I'm not denying myself of anything, just trying to drink more water, make sure I eat breakfast (I normally skip this) and generally just making healthier snack options.
So...I didn't have that much money to spend with not starting my job so I popped into Primark and Sports Direct where they had some fabulous fitness/gym gear which was a really good bargain. Here is what I bought....

Mi-Fit running pants - Already owned from gym last year
Running top - Primark £6
Trainers - Primark £12
Earphones - Sports Direct - £4.99
Music arm band - Sports Direct - £4.99
Running water bottle - Sports Direct - £2.99
The running arm band is basically so I can pop my phone/ipod into it, attach it to my arm so I can listen to music on the go! I also bought these earphones that attach around the ear (Sexy, I know) as my normal earphones always fall out whilst running which is so annoying. The water bottle basically has a massive hole in the middle (sorry about the picture) so you can carry it whilst running. The trainers are super comfy and they are really good value as they feel way more expensive than they are. When I was in Sports Direct I browsed the running trainers after buying these ones to compare, and they looked and felt the same and some of them were £80. So I definitely feel I've got some good bargains. It definitely shows if your thinking of starting it up, it doesn't always have to be expensive.
Are you currently on a health kick or thinking of starting one? Let me know.


  1. That's so true, in the words of Nike - Just DO it :o). Xx

  2. Ha yeah I need to remember this when I can't be bothered! X


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