Monday, 17 June 2013

Touch of Sparkle || Glam Phone Cases

Afternoon ladies, I just wanted to do a quick post on this gorgeous new phone case of looks good enough to eat right?  I was originally on the hunt for a phone case after buying a new iphone and wanted to protect it as they are so easy to slide out of your hands! (FYI my last iphone slid into my cup of tea as I had a cuppa in one hand and the iphone in the other...oops) So when I was looking on twitter I stumbled across TouchOfSparkle_ @TouchOfSparkle_which make customised gorgeous phone cases, key covers, ipad covers, diamond glasses and lots more.  You simply just personal message with your order of what you want, pay over PayPal and expect to see it in the post about 4-5 days later.  I was super happy with the price only  being £15 including postage & packaging and it arrived in the post around five days later on a Saturday which I was very impressed with as this must have took a few days to make. 
I didn't have a PayPal account originally  but it was very simple to set one up and only took 5 minutes.  I know this case is very "out there" & girly which is exactly the look as I was going for a change...and think it is super blingy! It arrived in fabulous condition and although it has lots of beads etc attached they are not flimsy and haven't fell off.  The company does lots of different designs and have just started making a MAC makeup phone case...Is your phone needing a little updating?  Check them out :)


  1. It looks gorgeous! Normally I just have a nosey on ebay for phone cases but I'll definitely check them out

  2. Yea me too..either eBay or amazon but this time I wanted something a bit unique :) xx

  3. Oh my gosh!that is a crazy cute case!!!i love it!:)

    1. Me too it looks like something you could eat ha xx


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