Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My Summer Picks #1

Hi everyone :) Im going to be doing a summer series looking at different areas of the body to get summer ready, and thus is the first one-my summer makeup picks. Summer has finally popped its head around the corner and the sun is finally beginning to shine. possibly the hottest summer we have had in years right? With this in mind, my daily beauty and makeup regimes tend to have a good old shake up and switch around, so here are a small selection of my favourite summer beauty products I have been using so far...remember you might have similar products to these that you can use instead.

The Tan
If I'm honest I don't wear false tan as much as sometimes I just haven't got enough time, but it's something I have definitely been trying to push myself to bother with.  Having a tan just makes me feel so much better and boosts my confidence a little.  My favourite tan for all over my body is this one from Laurens Way.  It's designed by Lauren Goodger from 'The Only Way Is Essex' and I must say it is the best tan I have ever used, far better then Fake Bake, St Tropez and Xen Tan.  It has won a heap of beauty awards, is a perfect bronzed golden shade (not orange) and does not streak in the slightest. People are constantly giving it praise on twitter and some of the pictures before and after are amazing! The ST Tropez Face tan is obviously specifically for the face, I like to use this to make my makeup blend in more, I sometimes apply it with a makeup brush of a sponge just like you would apply your makeup to give an even coverage as I find when applied with hands or tanning mitt you can never get an even coverage on the face.
The Base
As it's been so lovely and hot, the last thing I have wanted to do is to apply a heavy foundation on my face.  After moisturising with Garnier Moisture Match (review here) I've been applying Benefit's the Pore fessional primer (you can read my review of it here) which evens out my skin tone and banishes any discolouration and pores.  I've then been applying MAC Studio Fix Powder which is described on MACs website as a foundation powder as it's coverage is medium.  I find this is great for when I don't want to wear foundation because I still find it covers up blemishes and still gives me quite a high coverage as I would feel a bit nervous wearing nothing at all as I do have combination skin.  Then I've been giving my base a spritz with either MAC Fix Spray or Avene Eau Thermale spring water spray to keep me cool and help my powder stay set with the hot sticky weather.
Bronzer & Blushers
I absolutely adore this MAC mineralize skinfinish natural bronzer and this has been pretty much my staple bronzer for about a year now, I'm yet to try NARS luguna what I've heard so many raves about.  I like to apply bronzer for a bit of a natural sun kissed look and apply it on my head, cheeks, nose and around the jaw line for a more defined finish.  My favourite cream blush at the moment is Bourjois in "Healthy Glow" (review here) as its so pretty and really easy to blend, and looks so natural.  I am totally loving coral shades in everything this summer!  My favourite blusher powder has to be Benefit's Coralista as it's a gorgeous coral shade with a hint of shimmer in it to give that glowy effect, without leaving you looking like a disco ball.
Lips and Nails
This was my first MAC lipstick I bought and it is definitely a simple natural classic shade I will never get bored of-shade 'Hue'.  I have lots of other lipstick shades that are bold and bright but think this one looks the best with the coral theme I'm loving at the minute and think this one is a perfect day time shade.  On my nails I use a lot of Barry M and this is my favourite summer pastel colour at the moment, shade 'Peach Melba' which even makes my hands look instantly more tanned.
My skin is becoming much drier, so I have been making sure every shower or bath time I exfoliate my whole body. I have also been exfoliating my face with this St Ives scrub to unclog pores as it makes my makeup glide on much better and makes my face feel like it's been thoroughly cleaned, especially in this weather if your putting sun tan lotion on. Then, moisturise moisturise moisturise! Nobody wants flaky legs and arms when there trying to get a tan.  I'm really loving this Vaseline cocoa butter, instantly buffs away all of the dry skin from the winter and very nourishing with a lovely scent.

There you have it, my favourite summer picks :) Look out for my next post coming soon....'Get your feet summer ready'  Enjoy the sunshine, and remember to wear SPF!


  1. Loved this post lovely - the heat has just made me not want to wear make up at all, and when I do makes me worry it's falling down my face. I really want a primer and this primer sounds like it does everything I need (I'll be checking out your review in a min). I never thought about fake tan with a sponge for your face - thanks for the tip :D

    SLS xx

    1. I know, everybody moans for sun then we get too much of it lol don't think I could handle it this hot everyday, yeah try it it will apply much better! Xx

  2. I gotta try that benefit blush and primer! I'm always hearing nice things about them! I'm a new follower by the way :) I'm excited to see more from you in the future!

    1. Aw thank you, the primer is the best I've ever used, you should check out my benefit haul on popular posts for pics and swatches on them xxx


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