Friday, 5 July 2013

Beauty: MAC Face Highlighters

For me personally, I only started using highlighters around a year ago as I always thought it would make my shiny combination skin worse.  But then I became obsessed with MAC makeup after watching you tube tutorials of celebrity make up artists and soon discovered I needed them in my make up bag.  These are two of my favourite MAC highlighters, but I also love Benefit's high beam & have just bought a MUA highlighter to try out...which I will be reviewing soon!
If your new to using highlighters there basically made for highlighting the high points of your face.  This can include your cheek bones, eyebrow bone, and your tear duct.  Also you can highlight your chin and nose, although I tend to highlight just my nose as it makes the face appear slimmer.  I've never tried highlighting my chin as for me sometimes this can be my problem skin area which I don't particularly want to enhance.
I always think when your not confident at highlighting yet, just using your fingers and starting to highlight just one or two areas first is always a good starting point, that's how I done mine as I didn't have a clue initially. Here's a good guide on Kim Kardashians face that her make up artist tweeted a while ago as a guide.  I know it seems a lot but this is more for the full on face guide to highlighting & contouring and which shade should be there.  As I say if your not confident you can just pick a few areas from this guide to get you started.  I'm still not confident in doing all of this yet.

MAC Strobe Cream
This strobe cream has been accredited with being a beauty cult favourite and is very popular among celebrity make up artists.  It is described as the "ultimate quick fix for the skin and is super powered with potent botanicals.  It is said to distress, moisten, freshen and boost the look of dull, flat or tired skin."  It is fully loaded with a vitamin zap and green tea.  I find this is a lovely consistency and like the fact it comes in a big tube, it gives the skin a lovely sheen finish with a nice dewy fresh look, but with no glitter ball effect which for me is perfect.  It's very easy to apply and you can apply it with your fingers and it can be buildable on how much highlight you want.  I can definitely see why this is a favourite, and have found it looks lovely on photos.  You can buy this at MAC's website, there are two sizes- the 50ml tube like mine for £23.50 or there is a much smaller 30ml travel size tube for £12.50...much friendlier on the purse.

MAC Colour Base in "Pearl Frost"
These are fairly new to MAC with only being released a few month ago.  It is described as a "versatile & multi purpose highlighter."  I've found it is very versatile as it can be applied directly to bare skin, or layered over foundation, moisturiser or powder.  They are very easy to use and can be applied with a brush, sponge or just using your fingers.  Personally I just use my fingers, or for a special occasion I have used it with my Real Techniques Stippling brush which has also worked well.  I absolutely adore this one, I think it's my favourite of the two.  It has a lovely frosty sheen creamy finish and looks very natural on cheekbones, eyebrow bone and down the bridge of my nose.  The thing I love about most is I think these pots are great for beginners or pro's and love the fact there are five different shades.  This one in pearl frost is the second lightest shade as I wanted this purely for a highlighter.  The other three shades darker than this one are more of a bronzer type shades.  I have been eyeing up the one in shade "Hush" for a while now as I think that will go perfect alongside this one to contour next to the highlighter.  You can buy these at MACs website for £15.00

Here's me wearing pearl frost colour base-I have no makeup on here just the highlighter to give you a rough idea as I was having a lazy stay at home day!  

What do you think about highlighters? Which products do you use?


  1. I know so many people that live high beam. I need to check it out, that diagram is great, I wouldn't have had a clue where to start!


    1. Yeah high beams lovely too and lasts agggges! Thank you lovely :) xx


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