Friday, 5 July 2013

Skincare: Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry

Hi lovelies, ahh I'm so happy right now, it's the start of my four weeks off from placement/uni & the heatwave is starting to show its presence. Sun = everybody happier :) I want to introduce you to my newest bargain cream I've added to my skincare routine....and oh what a little gem it is.

I was in Boots last night looking for beauty products to buy for my sisters 30th birthday (me last minute as usual rushing around) as I was on my way to her house after for pizza and a girly night with friends as she's 5 month pregnant.  Boots had really good deals on where every beauty product line was buy one get one half price which came in very useful.  I had been eyeing up this moisturiser for weeks now ever since they were released and had even tried to order a free sample off Garnier's website but it wouldn't work, and as I stumbled across it so I popped one in my basket to go with my sisters present thinking she can review it and let me know if its good or not.  I was then delighted to get to the till and the woman behind the counter told me it was buy one get one free on all Garnier I got mine free, bargain!


 Now bit of a background on my's a mixture of everything really.  It's combination although I now mostly have those little spots that are UNDER the skin but still show, I think it's off past scarring when I was younger as I had really bad skin.  It can also be a bit oily around my t-zone, but is incredibly dry on my cheeks and I often get dry patches which are such a pain.  For that reason I am always looking for a deep hydrating moisturiser that doesn't take ages to skin in and leave you looking oily after application.  I currently use Oil of Olay in the summer months which I have done for years (however this still leaves me dry sometimes) and Avene Rich Hydrating Cream in the winter months.

There are five different types of moisturiser in this range, which has one to tailor every skin type.  They include Protect & Glow-for normal skin, Start Afresh-for normal/dry skin, Goodbye Dry-for dry/very dry skin, Wake Me Up-for dull skin, and Shine & Be Gone-for combination/oily skin.  There was no doubt about it...I needed Goodbye Dry at the moment.  First of all I loved the pretty packaging the cream comes in very girly and pretty as this always hooks me in to buy.  Also I absolutely love the fact the moisturiser comes in a tube as you can definitely control the amount you use, and I just find it's way more hygienic than sticking your fingers in a pot/jar.  Another thing I love this product for is the consistency of the cream...I ALWAYS struggle to get this right, it's either too thick and gloopy or too thin and watery but this cream is just right-rich & hydrating but non-greasy.  On first application the cream felt as though it just literally drank up my dry skin and not just sat on the surface and dried up a few hours later (like my Oil of Olay does sometimes).  But this was very nice and absorbed into my skin very quickly and made a great base for my primer and makeup. 

My skin didn't break out with adding this new product in (as sometimes my sensitive skin does this) the cream is quite rich so you don't need a huge amount.  It felt very gentle and refreshing on my skin and has a nice strawberry scent.  My sensitive dry skin has seen a big improvement since using it, and cannot recommend this enough, especially for the price too.  Currently on offer in boots Buy One Get One Free on all Garnier skincare for £5.99.


  1. Great review. I have been looking for a new moisturiser. x

    1. Thank you, would definitely recommend xx

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  3. I have really dry patches on my face so I will deffo be trying this!

    Thanks for the great review :) x

  4. I've nominated you for the Liebster award! Check out my blog about what to do!



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