Monday, 3 June 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation


I decided to buy Bourjois healthy mix foundation as I had read on so many blog posts that beauty bloggers were loving this....and I am always on the hunt for that perfect high street priced foundation! I decided to get the shade "light beige" as it was the second lightest shade but the first one was too pale for me.

However I'm sad to say I was quite disappointed with this because I was expecting it to be really good....first of all the things I like about this foundation is the packaging, pump dispenser and the price. Also it had a really nice dewy look to it. The reasons I didn't like it was first off the colour...the swatch on the picture looks fine but once on my skin I found it a bit orangey looking, but the shade below was far too pale. The second thing was that it clung onto EVERY tiny bit of dry patches/blemishes and made it look cakey and flakey which is not a good look. I even tried this foundation on three separate days when my skin wasn't dry but found it still clung onto any blemishes. And thirdly...each time I tested it I left it on for my usual daytime and I was gutted to see on every occasion the foundation only lasted 3/4 hours later after applying, even with my usual primer and powder applied as normal, but it would stay clung onto dry patches/blemishes.

Sadly I won't be buying this again, will stick with my trusted MAC & Estée Lauder for now... And keep on hunting for a good high street foundation. Dont get me wrong I love other products from Bourjois, guess this one is just not for me! 

Hope this review helps, would love to know how you have found this foundation or if your thinking about buying it.



  1. Sad to hear it didn't work out for you~ I've been eyeing this one too, but now I'm having second thoughts... foundation hunting is so hard sometimes! ):

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    1. I know it definately is hard...hopefully it will be ok for you it might just be my skin xx


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