Monday, 22 April 2013

My Hair Saviour || Moroccan Oil

My first proper blog post is going to be about this little beauty :) I first discovered Moroccan Oil a few years back when it was all the rave and seen it in various magazines and decided to give it a try. Well…I’m glad i did!


It advocates “a unique formula rich in antioxidant organ oil that instantly absorbs hair to immediately enhance manageability, shine and deliver long term conditioning without leaving residue.  It says to apply a small amount throughout damp or dry hair, and style as usual.

I have shoulder length blonde hair and am constantly having highlights and as my hair is naturally curly if I left it to dry naturally I use straighteners practically every day or every other day so as you can see my hair is normally dry, some split ends and sometimes unmanageable when blow drying.  This product has been my hair saviour….my hair is in much better condition generally, I have noticed my hair is growing considerably faster than normal, it has added moisture, reduced my split ends. Also, usually when I blow dry my hair I normally need to straighten it after or else it looks a bit wild and frizzy but with this oil it has made my hair much more manageable and by adding a little drop to towel dried hair and then using the hairdryer I find my hair is straight, sleek and shiny-without the need to straighten.

This product comes in two sizes….25ml which is £12.85 and 100ml which is £30.  The reason I first tried out the 25ml is because like all new beauty products I was a little apprehensive but this is just about to run out and I am about to order the 100ml (which comes with a pump too).

Order yours now at

They now do the oil exactly the same as this but for fine and light coloured hair too for all you blondes who want to keep your hair from fading as well.

Much Love
Kayleigh xxx
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